For a cup of happy coziness
OOjA Organic chocolate sticks - allergen-free

The chocolate sticks from OOjA allow you to make a delicious and healthy hot chocolate.

The chocolate sticks contain no refined ingredients, no additives and are 100% organic. Moreover, they are gluten-, lactose- and allergen-free. Children with a food allergy can therefore enjoy a carefree feast.

Our cocoa beans are carefully cultivated and processed in Peru where our farmers work under fair conditions. There is no child labour on our cocoa plantations!

OOjA's chocolate sticks are made according to traditional methods in a small Belgian chocolate shop.

With our passion for chocolate and a heart for Belgium, we take care to use only qualitative and natural ingredients of organic origin.

Choose nature. Choose chocolate.

Tasty and healthy

We firmly believe that every child (or adult) deserves a healthy hot chocolate … even if some form of intolerance is present. Therefore, we only use high-quality allergen-free ingredients..



  • pure (no additives / no preservatives)
  • no refined sugars
  • 100% organic
  • quality cocoa beans from Peru
  • gluten-free, lactose-free and allergen-free

Our story

The founder, Annelies Verrycken, launched her brand ‘OOjA’ in 2019.

The brand is a reflection of Annelies’ conviction that everyone deserves quality and tasty products, even if a form of intolerance is present.
Her goal is to market healthier Belgian chocolate products for children, without any refined sugar. OOjA brings a sustainable, fair and fun chocolate product: organic chocolate sticks – allergen-free. Crafted in Belgium.

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How to use OOjA chocolate sticks

Heat 20 cl of milk

Stir the chocolate stick through the milk until the chocolate is completely dissolved
TIP: also very tasty with almond, soy or coconut milk.
Make sure the milk is really hot because our OOjA sticks contain so little fat (and a lot of cocoa mass), resulting in a high melting point.