12 June 2020/Coconut Blossom Sugar
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  • With a lot of respect the farmers make sure that no coconuts and trees are lost. The farmers drain the nectar from the coconut blossom, catching the nectar in a bucket.
  • The nectar is then thickened over a wood fire to a caramel-like substance, after which it is poured into moulds and when the caramel has turned into sugar, it is cooled, hardened and dried.
  • Finally, the sugar is crushed in a mill. All this is a very natural process, not involving any refining. As a result, all vitamins and minerals are preserved.

Our coconut blossom sugar is coarse coconut blossom sugar from Java. Because coconut blossom sugar is extracted in a natural way, its colour, sweetness and aroma may vary. The age of the trees, the year of the harvest and the temperature at which the sugar has been dried may have an influence.

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